neoscore "expression of interest" landing page

Here you will find a curated list of videos relevant to my proposed composition using neoscore! Other recordings are found under "Works." Thank you for your consideration.

Card Music

This is my first piece of "game-music," or music whose material is in some way informed by game mechanics. In this piece, I take the idea of game-music to the extreme in that this is simultaneously a fully functional board game with winners and losers, as well as a cohesive and structured-yet-improvised piece of music.

Gradient Layers

This piece is my first venture into open notation. Pitch is given explicitly, but not much else. The result is this long, developing, and exploratory piece - I would recommend skipping through the recording instead of listening straight through if you're short on time.

Mirror Maze

This rough-recording is a very simple piece of music both in terms of content and audio-processing. Pre-recorded materials and live-processing are both used. Much like my GuitaRPG proposal, materials are agglomerated as the piece progresses. In Mirror Maze, the performer begins only having access to the first region, but gathers more materials to improvise with as the piece progresses.


This is just a recent recording of my guitar playing to demonstrate my technical proficiency on the instrument.


Here is a quick recording demonstrating the general concept of my proposed piece. Sorry about the crappy framerate! It runs fine on my machine, this is just my first time recording on Ubuntu.