Dream Mechanism By Jinjue Wang and Xavier Davenport Recording 

stereo fixed electronics

Traveling Vagabond Recording 

string quartet

GuitaRPG Recording 

classical guitar and electronics

Assembly Circle Recording 

8 laptop performers and 8-channel electronics

Study for Markov Chains Recording 

stereo fixed electronics


Respirating Granola Recording 

Disklavier and 8-channel electronics

Harmful Leaves Recording

classical guitar and live electronics

Expanding Personalities Recording

string quartet

A Radio Built for Zorn Recording

Bb clarinet, bassoon, horn, trombone, violin, viola, cello, piano, drum set


Mirror Maze Recording

saxophone and electronics

Card Music (10'-15') Recording

four or eight performers

Emulation then Realization (6') Recording 

percussion, flute, viola, guitar

Underground Space Casino (2'15") Recording 

fixed electronics

Gradient Layers (28') Recording 

two or more trombones

Water Bottle Music (4') Recording 

percussion and electronics


Oscillating Pinwheel


三個台灣城市 (Three Taiwanese Cities) (15') Recording 

alto saxophone, flute, and piano

Provenance of Aulos (11') Recording 

SSAAAAATTTTBBB saxophone chorus

Cheddar (4') Recording 

funk band

一樣的太陽 (Same Sun) (3'30") Recording 

pop band

燒肉粽 (Siu Ba-zang)  (arr.) (4')

classical guitar

望春風 (Bāng Chhun-hong) (arr.) (4')

classical guitar


Summit Romance (4') Recording 

classical guitar

10 Minute Waltzes (10')

classical guitar

Olympiad (5'30") Recording 

SATB saxophone quartet

A Shaded Lawn (4'30") Recording 

flute and guitar or piano

Woodland Creature Suite (20') Recording

classical guitar


Loveland Castle Masquerade (5')

guitar quartet

Alchemy Suite (15') Recording 

soprano saxophone and guitar